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Meng Amendment to Recapture Wasted Green Cards

Video Transcript

My attorney sent the recruitment details to the old dol address, is this something that they can deny the perm application for? 22:29:00
I interfiled and my I-485 was successfully transferred from Texas or Nebraska to the National Benefits Center, but around the same time filed a new I-485 in the eb2 category, would that be a problem and would they conflict with each other? 23:53:00
My blog gave a data point for an eb2 direct approval in 2 1/2 months, has the quarter 2 data been released by the USCIS and what can we expect for the remaining quarters? 24:38:00
I received my I-485 based ead ap card, me and my family are still in h status and if I start using the ead will my family lose their h4 status? 25:58:00
How long after the transfer to the National Benefits Center or field office are you seeing approvals? What is the criteria to transfer to the field office? 27:18:00
I have an I-140 approved in the eb1-c category and received the ead, my l1a has been pending for 17 months, and now that I have the ead can the pending l1 application be withdrawn? 28:44:00
I had a cap exempt for h1b for two years and a cap subject h1b for three years, now to recapture time is it one year or the cap exempt time used? 30:12:00
Does USCIS have enough inventory in the eb-2 category? 30:36:00
If the child's age is locked in at eb-3, and then if I interfile, will USCIS recalculate the child's age again? 31:46:00
Regarding birth certifcate documents for the I-485, where my wife's application we submitted secondary evidence, is there a possibility to get a request for evidence in this stiuation? 33:24:00
My eb-2 straight was filed directly with NBC December 2021 and is still sitting there for more 6 months, any idea whats the trend and when can we expect the approval? 35:22:00
I have an opportunity to become an investor in a store, is this permissible while I am in h1b status? 36:35:00
I have an eb3, ead and ap and I am current in eb2 under the June Visa bulletin and just did the interfiling, and I am planning to travel from July to August and wanted to know if this would be a problem? 38:22:00
I am in L1 status currently and it expires in August, I have a I-485 pending application that has been pending with the I-765 for the past 6 months, is there any way to expedite the ead? 39:37:00
I filed the downgrade in August 2021, and that I-140 is still pending, ended up filing a second I-485 in eb-2 in April 2022 and that date became current, is there any connection between the downgrade and the refile? 41:21:00
I received an rfe on my eb3 I-140 for ability to pay 42:43:00
I have an approved eb3 I-140 with my current employer, and an approved eb2 I-140 with a previous employer, I already filed a I-485 based on my current employer's eb3, can I interfile to eb-2 based on the old employer's I-140? 44:25:00
I have a pending I-485, I filed as a derivative for my husband's I-485 and he is the principle applicant, can I safely switch jobs before our I-485's have been pending for 6 months or do I have to wait the 180 days? 45:28:00
My priority date is current, my I-140 is still pending, aos is filed, what is the best course of action? Is it worth it to go for premium processing? 46:31:00
Is a new visa stamping is needed after an h1b amendment has been filed if the prior h1b visa is still valid? 47:11:00
I am on h1b, my 485 was filed through my spouse's employer last month, Can I switch the job now? Does the 6 month clause apply to me or just my spouse? 48:08:00
If I used my advanced parole to travel, can I contiune on h1b or do I have to switch to the ead? 48:35:00
I already got my gc in my hand, but after this I received a denial of my ap application that was submittted concurrently with it, should I respond or ignore it since I have my gc? 49:48:00
When will premium processing for eb1-c be expanded? 50:19:00
My primary 485 application was approved, but the dependent's 485 is still pending in the Texas service center, what are my options to expedite the dependent application? 51:26:00
Could a company file a transfer for me when I am outside the U.S.? Could I also use a prior employer's visa to travel into the U.S.? 52:19:00
Can you share your learnings from the New York City Conference? Did you learn anything interested? 52:57:00
Question about h4 ead holders, can they continue working in the U.S. if the h1b visa holder is traveling abroad or on vacation? 58:23:00