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Multiple Jobs on AOS EAD

Video Transcript

I-94 Validity - Important Issues to Remember
F-1 to H-1B and Visa Stamping - Am I Eligible for the Dropbox?


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Questions Time Stamp
The medical RFE & birth certificate RFE have been taken care of. 485J receipt notice was issued, the last status change on the 485 application shows that "name was updated". Does this mean the 485 approval is nearby?  19:52:00
My parent B2 visa is expiring April 21 but the I-94 is expiring June 1 at the port of entry. Can my parents stay until June 1 or do they need to leave before April? 21:03:00
I have about 10 months left on the 6 year limit for H-1B & the I-140 has been approved for more than 180 days. Wants to know if now is a safe time to change jobs & can the I-140 be revoked by the current employer? 21:49:00
There are some issues with my birth certificate, my name is missing and my mother's name is wrong. I got a birth certificate from the Indian Embassy, is that enough?  23:04:00
If one can do two full time jobs on the green card EAD?  25:12:00
Any updates on the 485 being transferred from NBC to Texas? 25:30:00
Applying for an H-1B renewal in premium processing this month & my spouse is planning on visiting India after the approval. How do we get the EAD 180 day automatic extension?  25:58:00
Came into the USA on F1 in 2019 I got the H-1B approval but never went & got the stamping. Wants to go to Cancun for 5 days & then come back to USA, will there be an issue?  27:13:00
I have not received the receipt for the 485J, when will it be sent & is it mandatory for it to be sent?  28:09:00
If I lose the job before the 180 since 485 was filed, does it impact the child's age lock?  28:42:00
I have noticed the I-129 application forms show that the OMB expiration date is November 20, 2021. Wants to know if this form can be used to file the H4 extension?  29:29:00
I am working with US company in India as a manager. My company is willing to sponsor an H-1B for 2023, am I eligible for GC under EB1C or do I need to come under L1A to qualify for EB1C?  30:02:00
Filed EB3 downgrade in October, both I-140 are approved. Should I withdraw the 485 so I can file the 485 in EB2? 30:43:00
The number of interfiling's in EB2 & do you think EB2 can retrogress? 31:34:00
Can I change to a different end client or do I need to file an amendment to get the stamping done? 34:15:00
My H1 extension is approved but the H4 is still pending. Is it ok to withdraw the H4 & go to India & do the drobox for the stamping? 34:48:00
My green card is approved & I want to correct the name of the mother in the green card application. 35:28:00
My AOS biometrics were done 8 weeks ago but still no update on the online case status. It still says fingerprints received, is this normal?  36:41:00
Can the primary applicant with a GC EAD work two full time jobs in the same occupation?  37:18:00
What is the approximate total time for the L1A EB1 based GC. My process was started 5 weeks ago?  38:00:00
Are US Consulates giving appointments for B2 individuals not eligible for drobox? 38:49:00
The AOS & EAD were submitted 7 days after the I94 was expired because the L1 extension was pending. Are there any issues or impacts if the extension is ultimately denied? 39:47:00
Want to inform you that my GC was approved from the Texas Service Center 40:31:00
Concurrently filed the H4 & H4 EAD in April 2021, received the H4 approval in December but still no new on the EAD. Have you heard of such cases?  40:58:00
At what pace is USCIS approving GC in quarter one? 41:25:00
Got the F1 stamping 12 years ago & that expired, went to Canada for H1 stamping 8 years ago & that expired. Am I eligible for drobox if I travel to India now? 42:13:00
Can I file H4 EAD while using 485 EAD? 42:53:00
Priority date is current in the final action date, planning to file an H1B extension, would I get 3 year or 1 year extension?  43:17:00
What are the options if something goes wrong at the port of entry? 43:47:00
Has an H1B stamp that is expired & wants to know what is needed for the spouse to go for the h4 stamping for the first time?  49:51:00
Processing time for the I-130?  50:20:00
HI have a 485 that was transferred from the NBC to the Texas Service Center, but then got a notification that the biometrics have been reapplied from the NBC after the transfer. Does this mean that the case is back at the NBC?  50:50:00
I am working as a professor in a university, am I eligible for EB1C? 51:31:00
If my wife uses her GC EAD does she lose the option to refile? 52:13:00
Can I file concurrent H-1B while the 485 is pending & will I have any problem getting the green card? 52:46:00
My L1B got denied multiple times in 2010, I got the H-1B stamping approved 3 times. Does the past L1B denial make me ineligible for the drobox?  53:30:00
Will a job change to a different role impact the GC process? 54:52:00
If I enter the US on advanced parole will I be moved to the GC EAD automatically from H1B in my current company? 56:05:00
Do you have a premium service for EB1 I-140? 56:38:00