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October 2021 AOS Approved While October 2020 AOS Still Pending – What is the Logic?

Video Transcript

My EB-2 I-140 has been approved with company A and then that company merged with company B. He did a downgrade from EB-2 to EB-3 already, that I-140 is approved. Now to interfile to EB-2 does the I-140 need to be ammended? 19:22:00
Prediction about EB-3 in 2022. 20:44:00
Have we received any reciepts for the 485J Suppliment file to the new California address? How long will it take and how will they proccess the 485 after that? 22:07:00
How to get USCIS to accept a premium processing upgrade request? 23:16:00
If daughter is protected by CSPA, the child protection act and applied for an F1 bur was denied. It okay to not attempt to do an MTR or a motion to reopen that denial? 25:00:00
Processing times for I-45 comparatively between Texas Service Center and the National Benefit Center. 26:38:00
Do we think USCIS will use all the employment based visas this year? 27:42:00
With downgrade from EB-2 to EB-3, the I-140 approved, EAD and AP and is coming up for renewal in March, if interfiled to EB-2 can the EAD still be renewed in March and is it based on the EB-3 485? Will the EAD and AP remain valid?  28:28:00
Does a 20 yearold already on an F1 visa, need to be in H4 status in order to apply for adjustment of status? 29:31:00
If my US citizen spouse file an I-130 for me under the family based immediate relative category and I concurrently file a 485 do I still need to maintain my H-1B status to continue working in the US until my family based green card is approved? 30:56:00
How could we know how many perms are in the Eb-2 or Eb-3 category? Each year from 2016 forward how many are approved? 31:55:00
If I go from transferring my underlying basis to EB-2, my children's age was locked under the EB-3 is there age gonna be locked under EB-2? 33:36:00
If EB-2 I-140 is already approved and downgrade I-140 was filled in October 2020 which is still pending but an I-45 was not filled at that time based on the I-140. Can they file for an I-45 now based on the approved EB-2 I-140? 35:01:00
What is the process to change from a GC EAD to H4 EAD? 35:53:00
What are the criteria for getting an interviw for your green card application?  36:57:00
With Visa revalidation done and H4 I-94 extended, but the origanl H4 also got approved and hasn’t been interfiled. What happens to the H4 EAD that is pending? 39:06:00
If you transfer the basis of your pending I-485 from EB-3 to EB-2, can you still use the EAD and  AP card that you receieved based on the pending I-45? 40:10:00
Are we allowed to move to a management position using EAD and AC-21 with a supplement J even though the orignal labor was for an individual contributor in the same field many years ago? 41:20:00
Can filling for the social scurity number for a child be done with the I-485 application or should it be applied seperately after the EAD or GC is issued?  42:40:00
Home address listed as one of work locations on H-1B and LCA and is now working for a different client in a different state more than 50 miles away. If still working from home, is an ammendment necessary? 44:53:00
Can concurrent filing of an I-140 and I-485 affect the I-140 processing time?              45:36
Downgraded from EB-2 to Eb-3 in October 2020, EB-23 then retrogressed. Last week received a medical RFE and wants to know if case is still progressing?  47:26:00
what to do if filing the green card without a birth certificate. 48:32:00
Visa stamp expired in 2019 and H4 and EAD expire in April. H-1B is already approved. Any risk in traveling to Mexico and returning with automatic visa revalidation?  49:45:00
Green card was approved last year and child's I-485 is still pending. Child's age locked via CSPA. Is there an issue with the application? 50:44:00
Is it normal after the fingerprint fee was received if the status on the USCIS website doesn't change for three month for the 485 process? 53:01:00
It has been one year since fingerprinting for a marriage-based AOS and no update yet.  53:54:00
Nearing the end of 6-year H-1B limit and approved I-140 what are the options if doesn't file in time? 54:29:00
Recently got birth certificate, do I also need to get an affidavit? 55:30:00
Chainging from L1A to H-1B 56:37:00
Will filing the 485 supliment J to upgrade the EB-2 again reset the clock for job protability? 57:48:00