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Plan B: Immigration Provisions in Budget Reconciliation

Video Transcript

Is Travel Ban Lifted?
Can I file AOS Again since My date is Current in EB-2 now?

Take Action: Urge Congress To Include Fair Immigration Reforms Through The Budget Reconciliation

To Avoid the Wastage of Green Cards, we recommend that you write a letter to your Local Congressmen, Senator and CIS Ombudsmen – Please find the draft at this link:

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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam with Pending I-485

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Questions Time Stamp
What happens to the family based spillover for the employment based for 2021? 21:06:00
National Interest Exemption vs National Interest Waiver. What is the difference and why or why not? 22:15:00
Regarding the vaccinations, when the travel ban is lifted, which vaccinations will be approved?  23:10:00
How would it be fair to allow people to skip the que by paying $5000? This is not a fix just a bandage is it?  25:14:00
Can I have a service request for I-140 processing earlier on the Humanitarian grounds because  I want to prevent my daughter from aging out? Would it be premium processing?  26:52:00
USCIS is already backlogged, how can they clear this backlog before another flood? 28:18:00
Questions about medical interfiling and RFE?  35:02:00
Are there chances of USCIS considering the final date chart for November Visa Bulletin and what are your predictions for November EB2 filing charts?  35:41:00
Will this registry be able to help the employment-based immigration as well?  36:54:00
IS NIE required if travelling with a stamped H-1B and US citizen kids to Europe? 38:09:00
How can we make sure our provisions are included in the bill?  38:42:00
Would my legal status change from H1 to EAD whenever my green card EAD gets approved?  41:24:00
Is there any way I can get a sample NIE reference letter? 41:51:00
Does the registry include only illegal immigration or does it allow all the people who are present? 42:11:00
Many people have noticed that they may have withdrawn a pending I-539 application and later received a biometrics notice to appear for that withdrawn application.  42:57:00
Canada travel on H1b when a 485, 131, 765 are pending, is that ok?  44:13:00
Can we apply for H1B, H4, and EAD at the same time? 44:58:00
I am not working with a company but the company is planning on applying for his PERM, when should he join that company? 46:25:00
My spouse was wanting to file H4 to CAP exempt H1B. Can she file premium processing of I539, will they be processed together?  47:16:00
I-140 was recently approved and the current H1 is valid until July 2022. Do you recommend applying for the H4 now or waiting for the H1 extension in 2022? 48:15:00
I went out of status and I am getting married to US citizen. DO I need to apply to get the waiver?  49:06:00
Wants to file her H4 & EAD separately with a external attorney because the employer is not ready to file the EAD along with the H1 & H4 extension. IS there any risk if the H4 is not filed with the H1 extension?  49:45:00
I lost my job due to the GC auto extension expired, I485 is current.  50:24:00
My wife is transferring from H4 EAD to H-1B, can she continue working after the H-1B is filed but not yet approved if the H4 EAD validity has expired? 51:09:00
Will the Democrats find a solution for the employment-based backlog? 51:36:00
My spouse wants to move from h4 to H1B cap exempt. Can the employer do premium processing for both the I-129 and the I-539, will they be processed together? 52:24:00
Texas Service Center backlog RFE responded in august?  52:56:00
For the medical interfile, I am hearing that the Nebraska Service Center is not accepting them but the other service centers are. Is it ok to send my medicals to both places? 53:52:00
The GC EAD extension, when should I file the GC?  54:35:00
If I was selected in the second H-1B lottery and gets that filed to get the change of status in premium while the H4 is pending. What happens if the H4 is approved after the H1 gets approved? 55:24:00
I-140 downgrade is not approved, if the EB3 retrogress will the child still get locked in?  56:03:00