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Premium Processing Extended to EB-1C and EB-2 NIW but Not for H-4 EAD

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
Does holy margarita clear the DUI issue during the GC interview? 19:30:00
Is the EB-1C eligilble for premium processing and when does it take effect? 20:09:00
Will they have a premium processing for 485? 20:47:00
Have we received any !-485 suppliment J reciepts? 21:28:00
Can H1-B be reinstated after using GC EAD? 22:00:00
I have filed my medicals to downgrade EB3/ Can I use the same provider to reissue me another medical with the same lab test dates and send that with the refilling? 22:27:00
Is Margarita switch good for when the H4 extension and EAD are pending? 22:50:00
I used the AOS EAD for two months and then got the H4 and H4 EAD with the I-94 card. Can I just start using the H4 EAD?  23:30:00
My H1-B reciept notice starts with IOE where do I have the H4EAD? 24:40:00
I got my I-94 extended at the Mexico border and I am working on the 180 day extension filed my H4 EAD stand alone. What if my H4 and H4 EAD get denied, can I still work? 25:41:00
Change of status denied does the margaritta switch work for it? 26:14:00
My L1a and EB1c is filed in concurrent am I eligible for premium processing? 26:50:00
Is there a way to litigate USCIS and waiting green card applications? 27:33:00
Any inter-filing cases to EB-2 who previously downgraded to EB3 being approved? 28:06:00
Questions with regards to EB-1C premium processing 28:30:00
My last name is misspelled on my 485 reciept notice. I raised a service request 7 months ago and they said they would correct it during adjutication but now my case is transferred to the NBC and my name is still mispelled. 29:23:00
Has H1B stamped until October 2024 dI need to go for stamping again if he changes employer on H1B and visits India? 30:40:00
EB2 priority date is current will interfilling lock the kids age? 31:22:00
Can an H4 kids use the GC EAD to get admitted into college? 32:36:00
Do I need to be on an H1B to file a new 485 in EB2 my earlier 485 was filed through EB3 and I have the EAD and advanced parole. 33:50:00
Do physical therapist qualify for NIW? 34:16:00
Is it okay for my spouse to leave the country on H4 after filing the 485 or do we have to wait until we get the reciept? 35:01:00
Interview completed on March 16 2022 officer said it will take 3-4 weeks can a person get the green card if the dates retrogress? 35:54:00
Spouse traveled to India on an emergency. She has the approved advance parole but then last week her green card got approved. Does that invalidate the ap, how can she enter the US? 36:42:00
Can we use the previous employer's I-140 pending time to reduce the child's age and may we use the new employer I-140 to file the 485? 38:14:00
For USCIS or any government jobs, are ED and GCEAD eligible? 38:40:00
My H1B is approved until 2025 and I'm going to India but my visa stamp is only valid until 2022 what happens if I can't get the interview?  39:09:00
In H1B stamping, if you can't get the end client letterwhat are alternatives? 39:54:00
Will there be a spillover in October 2022? 40:40:00
Once I move to EB# GCEAD is there any possibibility that upgrade to EB2 after changing employers using that EAD? 41:13:00
IS there a consistency in processing of the DOL? 41:50:00
I got my EAD card can I travel to India and come back with advanced parole H1B expiring in June 2022 can I still extend my H1B If I use the EAD? 43:33:00
The CBP is making cancel without prejudice 44:38:00
I got EAD and AP on EB3 485 I have refiled now can I do a renewal based on the EB2 485? 45:50:00
Can I refile the 485 if my daughter has used her EAD? 46:06:00
Are there any green cards available in EB3? 46:45:00
I have an approved AOS EAD card can we travel outside the US? 47:38:00
The cancellation without prejudice is on an expired visa. 48:02:00
When will the NIW premium processing be implemented? 48:26:00
Is it worth filing a lawsuit for the delay of the GC EAD? 48:53:00
Does a cleared traffic ticket need to be mentioned on the 485 application?  49:04:00
Can I change jobs within 180 days after an interfile? 50:30:00
Premium processing of EB2 and Iws.  51:34:00
How can we check the processing time for the NBC in the USCIS website? 51:56:00
What are the supporting documents we should carry along with the advanced parole when we travel outside the country? 52:21:00
With employer A H1B rejected in 2016 afterwards green card process by the same employer, will it be a problem for getting the green card? 53:11:00
My F1 visa was denied in 2002, now that I am filing the 485 I mentioned it, is that right? 53:45:00
How many weeks and months does it take for a transfer case to NBC to get approved? 54:14:00
Can I file the H4 EAD for my spouse based on the approved I-140 from my previous employer? 55:25:00
My attorny says that once you use the EAD and AP you cannot come back on H1 or H4 55:57:00