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Presidential Proclamation Suspends Travel from India

Video Transcript

Presidential Proclamation Suspends Travel from India
Biometrics to be Suspended for H-4, L-2, and E Dependents
Biden Tells Congress To Revamp Immigration System
Problems at USCIS Persist, Despite Biden’s Progress on Immigration

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A lot of questions regarding the biometric suspension from now until May 17th.  15:40
What is expected priority date movement for October 2021? 16:35
EAD processing times, are you seeing EAD approvals from cases filed in October?  19:34
Questions regarding the travel ban 20:35
I have a US citizen born one year old, I have H-1B stamp, mywife has her H-4 stamp, can we travel back into US? 20:41
What if the kid is in India, can we leave the kid and come to the US?  22:04
I have a spouse who is waiting for biometrics to be completed and want to know how long can I maintain H-1B status after the 485 approval so she can work on H4 EAD & travel?  22:39
What about the student visa travel ban?  23:04
Did Charlie indicate that the EB-2 final action dates will advance beyond May 1 of 2011 by September of 2021? 23:54
I am on an H-1B with an I-94 valid until December and I joined my new employer based on the receipt notice while the transfer is in process, what are the options if the transfer is denied apart from going back to the old employer?  24:33:00
Are there any exceptions for me to travel if the immediate relatives need medical attention? 25:51:00
I havean I-140 that was approved a year ago and I am planning on moving to another state to work for the same job, does an I-140 need to be re-filed or ammended?  26:41:00
Question regardingthe drop box appts. When they are open do we still need to make appts? 27:38:00
Biometrics last month for the green card in the EB-1A category. What is the time frame for getting the green card from the benefits center?  28:07:00
My mom is on a visitor visa, I already filed one extension. Her 10 year stamping is expiring in 3 months. Can she still apply for the second extension. Will it go beyond the visa stamping is it legal?  28:48:00
I have an EB-2, I-140 approved with a previous employer, the priority date is in 2013. I have an EB-2 perm approved with the current employer and getting ready to apply for the EB-2 I-140 in premiuim processing & wants to know, should I file the EB-3 before September or wait and file with the 485 in October if eligible?  29:40:00
My son turned 14 years after applying for thr 485, will he get a biometric call or do we have to pay the fees for biometrics. Will this be delayed because of the biometrics?  30:39:00
If my final action dates becoes current and I have applied for consular processing abroad, what happens if the priority date later retrogresses before the interview is scheduled?  31:42:00
Can I do a full free-lance job on H-1B and geta 1099 form? 32:50:00
I am awaiting for a change of status from H-4 to F1, does the biometrics have any difference right now? 33:03:00
I have an H4 EAD extension pending since mid December and the EAD is expiring this month, I had an H-1B in the past & the employer is ready to file an H-1B. Should I wait for the H4 approval or should I go for the H-1B? 33:38:00
Your views on Eb-1 and I-485 EAD filed in OCT. biometrics have been receieved, priority date is current? 34:27:00
I have a perm filed and approved in the 6 year of H-1B, unfortunantly the I-140 got denied only 20 days left of H-1B time. Is it possible for the employer to file a new I-140 and the H-1B 7th year extension together?  35:15:00
Will there be any issues filing the 485 GC if you have never visited India on H-1B? 36:06:00
I have the option to file a change of status to F2 in case my 7th year H-1B extension gets denied. How soon can I apply to this change of status to F2 to avoid travel to my home country in the COVID situation?  36:36:00
My H-1B was selected in the lottery, im in India right now, can the H-1B be processed right now, what will happen, can I come in OCT to the US?  37:23:00
IS it advised to extend the H-1B & the H4 & H4 EAD once I have receieved the EAD? Planning on extending the H-1B but how important is it to have the H4 & H4 EAD extended?  39:02:00
If spouse starts working on the 485 EAD does that mean that the applicant status changes? 40:52:00
Can two vaccinated people travel on a B2 visa? 41:20:00
My spouse was unemployed on a H4 EAD, will she have any trouble in filing the adjustment of status? 41:30:00
Questions regarding the filing the 485 with the income taxes? 41:59:00
My i-140 receipt notice that was filed with the downgrade AOS has still not been received by my employer. The attorney has filed a service request & want to know if there is anything else to do?  42:37:00
Can the grandparents travel with a US citizen kid? 43:23:00
My family is in the US and I have a valid US visa, can I still travel into the US even if my family members are not US citizens?  43:37:00
The H4 EAD application receieved in Phenix center still no receipt notice? 44
Can I change my H-1b to premium processing and if I file an H4 and H4 EAD, will they all be approved together like before?  44:21:00
Question in regard to buying stocks & crypto currencies while im on a non-immigrant Visa? 45:12:00
The EB-1C I-140 processing time for the Texas Service Center is listed as 10-53 months. Does it really take 4 years to get an I-140 approval & is there any chance to do premium processing?  47:39:00
Are GC holders exempt from the travel ban? 48:19:00
Can people with AOS EAD/AP travel to India?  48:50:00
Quarantine issue regarding the 15 days?  49:38:00
What is the process to extend the stay of a B2 visa holder? How soon should it be started, it is good until June 7th.  50:42:00
Question regarding the B2 extension, can I use COVID as a COVID surgeon to apply for the B2 extension? 51:20:00
I have an H4 I-94 that expired 8 months ago because the passport was expiring even tho the Visa is valid. I got the renewed passport & want to know is there a risk going to CBP to get the I-94 extended?  52:53:00
Can someone apply for asylum because of COVID situation in India?  53:27:00
Processing time for Eb-2 to EB-3 downgrade I-140 application from Texas Service Center?  53:55:00
Applied for the 485 via downgrade with previous employer & got the receipt notices but no biometrics yet. Now I have the new employer, has applied for perm & has got the I-140 approved in EB-3, what are the option now? 54:50:00
Wife & child who is 5 year old, the child was born in India. They are stuck in India, can they have any exemption for them to come to the US? 55:31:00
Are F1 OPT exempt from the travel ban? 57:50:00