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Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
Does margarite need a Mexican visa assuming U.S. visa is not stamped on passport? 20:24:00
What are the chaneces and reasons of an I-485 denial for the employment based category? 21:10:00
Should Eb-3 I-140 be approved before they take the decision on the refiled EB-2 I-485? 22:13:00
How do I know if I'm allowed to work 2 jobs? 22:44:00
EB-2 I-140 approved from an employer but was withdrawn because I moved to another employer. Can that first company apply for that I-140 again and file adjustment of status? 23:33:00
Please explain the pros and cons of joining company on H1B 24:11:00
Filed a downgrade in 2020 and was done as an ammendment because the company was acquired by a different company. Can the EB2 be ammendment again and interfile concurrently? 26:48:00
Can we fly and do margarita switch in one day or do I need to stay in Canada or Mexico more than one day? 27:42:00
Can the derivative applicant continue to use 485 EAD after the primary applicant moves from AOS back to H1B? 28:12:00
Sent the request for withdrawal for I-140 six months back but when I requested the fy USCIS sent the I-140 still shows approved. How long does it take for the withdrawal? 28:46:00
When the H4 EAD extension is filed, if we go out of the country to Canada or Mexico and come back they are not voided but if we go to India and come back they will be is that true? 30:42:00
Can we file I-485 for ourselves without a lawyer? 31:44:00
Can I interfile from EB3 to EB2 if the priority date is in the filing chart? 32:14:00
Has an EB-1C adjustment of status pending for seven months with an approved I-140 based on the current trends how long will it take to receive the green card? 33:52:00
My wife has changed from H4 to H1 change of status is she eligible for dropbox processing with visa stamping in India? 34:34:00
I have four months for my H1B max out time my perm is approved and getting ready to file the I-140 but my perm filling date is after my 6th year of H1B. Can I file for the H1B extention once my I-140 is approved or do I have to wait until 365 days for my perm filing date? 36:23:00
I have EB2 approved I-140 priority date July 2013 with employer A and am now working with employer B Perm certified and I-140 will be filed inEB3 because the job requirement is EB3. Can I now move to EB2? 37:30:00
It seems that there has been a flurry of employment based cases mostly filed in October 2020 have moved to NBC in the past week is that good news? 38:50:00
H4 EAD due to expire in September after the spouse's H1 extension in order to use the 180 day automatic H4 EAD extension what do you suggest? 40:11:00
In EBC concurrently filed in 2021 completely stalled in Texas Service Center.  41:21:00
My current H1B max out date is May 27th and my I-140 was just approved on March 15th if the H1B extension is filed in normal processing can I stay beyond the max out date? 42:26:00
The appointments are very scarce for the dropbox of H1B any suggestions? 43:30:00
My GC EAD expidite request was denied saying loss of job does not constitue financial crisis. Can you suggest any remedy?  44:21:00
Is it okay to apply for naturalization four years and 9 months or do you have to wait exactly 5 years? 45:10:00
Got the receipt number starting with ioe for an I-129 petition that was filed with the vermont service center. Can the I-129 actually be e-filled? 46:00:00
Is refiling better if my application is in Texas Service Center? 46:37:00
Can we file out of the country while the I-140 is in process? 47:33:00
Please share the impact of filing  new I-485j within 180 days of the 485 pending. 48:00:00
I'm on H1B and applied for my wife's H4. Is she elligible for the H4 EAD my perm is still in process I-140 is not approved? 49:28:00
What is the approvak rate of EB2? 50:05:00
If the 485 is not approved and the H1B is expiring is it better to stay on the EAD and AP or extend the H1B? 51:28:00
What the timelines of September 2015 priority date to be current in EB2? 52:31:00
I applied for the H1B visa stamp at the consulate and received a 221g employer already responded to it but it's taking time can I now apply for l2 asa dependent instead of waiting? 54:33:00
My priority date is Juy 2011 downgraded from I-140 pending in the Texas Service Center. We interfiled recently, does I-140 EB3 have to be approved for the green card to be approved? 54:55:00
I received an RFE from my H1 extension haven't responded yet priority date is current in EB2 haven't received my EAD or AP. What are my options to continue to work if the H1B gets denied? 56:18:00