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Transfer of Underlying Basis (TUB) – All about It

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
My L1-B is reaching maxing out, but my I-94 validity is beyond the max period. Can I stay in the United States beyond the maxing out period? 18:52:00
What should we expect in the October 2022 Visa Bulletin? 19:29:00
How many days will it take to receive my green card? 20:14:00
I have a priority date in 2013, and now I have two cases, two 485s pending at the National Benefits Center, one that I refiled in June that was EB-2, and another one that was EB-3 and got interfiled to EB-2 and just got transferred, is there any chance that these will be approved by September 30th? Is there going to be any complications? 20:26:00
H4 and EAD extension is pending, if the H4 is expiring in 5 days, can I go to the margaritas extension, where I go to Mexico and use the H1-B approval to extend it, can I go within 5 days? 21:28:00
I applied for the H4 and H4 EAD for my wife and she was currently on H1-B and was working, now the case shows that her H4 was approved, is she still on H4 or H1? 22:05:00
My green card is approved and I am working for a different company, my green card is approved with company A and I am working for company B, how soon should I inform the company that I am working with? 22:55:00
I haven't filed my wife's 485 with my downgrade, I recently interfiled and my case has been transferred to NBC, can I file for my wife now on EB-2 or wait for the 485-j is approved? 23:13:00
Does CSPA calculation delay for the 485 approval for derivatives? 23:45:00
How long does it take to receive the green card after the 485 is approved? 24:17:00
This bulletin in August is the last one year of the year, will the unused be listed for filing updates? 24:42:00
My schedule A workers, if a company changed their name because it was taken over by a big corporation, do we need to do a amendment and also does a schedule A worker qualify for the EB-2 NIW? 25:42:00
My EB-2 priority date is June 2015, is it a good idea to change the jobs right now? 26:49:00
If my priority date becomes current, is it still required to have the perm and I-140 with the new employer? 28:19:00
The green card has been mailed but has not been delivered to the address issued and returned to USCIS. 29:06:00
Can I use the 4 month old signed sealed I-693 medical to respond to the rfe? 30:27:00
When can we safely leave the employer when getting the green card? Will there be any issues at the time of naturalization? 31:12:00
I did an interfile in March, EB-3 was approved in June, medical interfiling was done and case is still at the Texas service center, is it mandatory for it to be transferred to the NBC to be approved or can it be approved at the Texas service center? 32:05:00
My priority date is April 2015 EB-3, I have an option for EB-2, what do you suggest? 32:47:00
My 485-j ac21 was filed June 1st, and my green card was approved June 3rd, and the attorney is saying it must've been approved based on the original employer, no 485-j receipt notice was issued, will it create any issues? 34:03:00
Is it true that the processing times for the 485 has come down by 4-5 months? 34:50:00
My spouse's H4 and ead are valid until December 2022, if we apply for those extensions together now, can she continue to work after December with the receipt notice? 35:58:00
Primary gc was approved a month ago, but the dependent still pending, have you seen this trend before? 37:04:00
My 485 was transferred to the San Antonio field office six weeks ago, we don't see any approval or status update from that office, is there something we can do? 38:09:00
My wife's H1-B extension expired on July 31st, 2022. She received an rfe for the extension, and the I-94 is expiring on August 10th, 2022. As a backup plan, can we file the h4 before the I-94 expires? 39:10:00
My I-140 was filed by a university on EB-2, can I change the job to a company since I am beyond the 6 years of the H1-b and use the old priority date? 39:58:00
I had the I-140 approved back in January with the priority date of 2021 and unfortunately there's a layoff in July, do I need to get the I-140 approved for the next employer to work and stay in the US, because the 6 years of H1-B have already been completed. 41:28:00
Do I need a new H1-B stamping to enter the USA? Working remotely for client B, based on approved H1-B amendment of client B. 42:13:00
After two years of marriage with a U.S. citizen, how long is the processing time to remove the conditions on the cr1 conditional green card? 43:48:00
I have a I-140 approved of June 2022, this is an amendment of an I-140 approval, can I change the employer within 180 days? My prioirty date is January of 2016. 44:48:00
Can the green card process start when a student is on opt? Do employers support that? 45:38:00
My employer filed an extension, but at the same time I have a second employer that is going to file the H1-B transfer. Will that be a problem? 46:38:00
It's been almost two months since the rfe for the medicals were submitted to the San Antonio field office and no response yet. Is this concerning? 47:45:00
Amendment case application is at NBC. I filed a new I-140 two months back in EB-2, should I go for premium processing? 48:26:00
I have an approved I-140 from a previous employer, then I changed to H4 for a few years, now I am back to H1-B again, can I file a new I-140 and port the old date? 49:10:00
Any success you're seeing the medicals being filed for the 485-j? 49:51:00
Me and my wife's 485 was filed on a previous employer, now we are filing the h4 extension through my current employer, in the I-539 form , it asks has the 485 ever been filed by this person, and my answer is no. Will that cause a problem for the h4, h4 ead, or green card? 50:54:00
Received a 485 supplement j a few weeks back with the receipt date of July 11th, three months ago I got the 485 receipt notice, what does this mean? 51:59:00
I filed in EB-3 as my spouse as the primary and me as the derivative in October 2020, and then refiled in EB-2 with me as the primary and my wife has the derivative in May 2022. Is it advisable to interfile as well? 53:18:00
What is the current timeline to get the ap after receiving the ead from the Texas Service Center. Received the ead 6 months after filing but no ap. 54:42:00
The Nebraska Service Center moving the cases to the National Benefits Center. 55:13:00
My I-140 was approved and then withdrawn after 6 months, I joined that employer back now, if I reapply for that I-140 based on that previously approved perm, does USCIS ask for ability to pay? 55:39:00
My son is 13 1/2 years old and recently filed the 485, do I need to file an I-190 when he receives the green card? 56:26:00
Please provide an update on H1-B stamping duration on the consulates of India and the 221g situation. 57:27:00
My case is cross chargeability to Norway, finally in October 2020 it got stuck in Texas Service Center. What country of birth makes a difference in the adjudication speed? 58:06:00
How long is the processing times for the prevailing wage determination and perm nowadays for a company in Maryland? 59:16:00