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Travel Ban: Validity of National Interest Exceptions

Video Transcript

Travel Ban: Validity of National Interest Exceptions
CIS Ombudsman Annual Report to Congress
H-1B Applicants File Lawsuit Challenging FY2022 H-1B Lottery Cap Registration Rules
DS-160- Non-Immigrant Visa Application: This is part of your record

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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam Packet with Pending I-485
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The H4 is not approved, drivers license is expiring. They won't get a drivers license extension without I-797. What can we do?  20:42:00
Has a spouse with an H4 in progress & his H-1B already is approved. Wants to know can I file an H4 EAD with the H4 still pending?  22:27:00
Got the green card July 1st, we received the H4 extension approval for my spouse. Do I need to tell USCIS? 23:13:00
Is there a possibility of retrogression?  24:04:00
His wife's H4 & H4 EAD are pending & he is planning on filing his I-140 & 485 soon once the PERM  has been approved. Wants to know if she can be included in the process as well?  28:08:00
Do you still expect the priority dates to move incase of the possibility of green card wastage?  29:02:00
I'm on H-1B & my wife is on H4 EAD. Now I received my green card EAD. If I use that will my spouse lose the H4 EAD since I am not on H-1B?  32:13:00
I'm on H-1b, my parents have a valid B visa. What would be the best way for them to travel from India to USA? 32:51:00
Can I file the medical directly to USCIS if my lawyer won't send it without an RFE? 34:17:00
In my birth certificate no name is written, is it ok if I have the school transfer certificate? 34:44:00
Kids 485 is being filed right now. My 485 was filed long ago, is it ok as long as the 485 reached to USCIS before age 21? 35:11:00
Applied for the H4 EAD in March, still have not received it. Spouse changed jobs, should I apply for another I-765? 36:11:00
I would expect Eb2 to catch up with Eb3 but that doesn't seem to be happening, any thoughts why?  36:58:00
Has an H4/H4 EAD in progress & is travelling back to US. Should I update them on my new I-94?  38:27:00
I never received the 485J supplement even though I filed the 485 in OCT 2020. It is a straight application not a downgrade should I file the 485 application again? 39:25:00
Can you get a 3 year H-1B extension if your priority date is current but you don't have the I-140 with your current employer?  40:06:00
Using the same PERM labor they got the EB2 & EB3. Can they file two 485 applications?  40:51:00
My PERM was filed in EB2 & expecting the approval this month. Can my company file the I-140 in EB3 directly or do they need to file in EB2 then downgrade to EB3?  41:42:00
Can I travel in CPT visa. I'm currently in CPT program? 42:29:00
Any updates on schedule A worker downgrade approvals, are they accepting it?  42:47:00
Is it good to apply for a B2 visa then convert into H-1B? 43:14:00
What is the probability of a PERM application being audited & what is the criteria?  44:34:00
What is the advantage if we just file the 485 & USCIS waste all the green cards & we have to wait for a very long time? 45:23:00
My I-140 EB3 downgrade was approved July 2, priority date is current July 1st. Apart from prayer, is there anything else I can do at this point? 49:55:00
He wants to interfile the medicals but the USCIS wants his wife's receipt but he does not have it. 51:08:00
Eagle Act, what are your comments about it?  51:44:00
Has an H-1B approved with consular processing but is in the US  cannot travel to get the stamping, what are the options?  52:44:00
How does making current help USCIS? 53:26:00