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Travel on Advance Parole and Maintaining H/L Status

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
My wife filed a GC EAD renewal pending since October 2021 and has passed the 180 days of automatic revalidation. Can she file another GC EAD renewal? 11:28:00
Is the I 485 different for a schedule a case compared to a regular employement based 485? 12:38:00
Who decides to do the interview for the employment based I-485? 13:56:00
Processing times at the National Benefits Center for the green card process 15:40:00
My previous employed filed my AOS and I am not working for them currently, is it okay to travel on advanced parole? 16:48:00
Going to Colombia and planning to get the H1B stamped in Colombia is this possible? 17:43:00
H1B extension pending that received a request for evidence and the I-94 is expiring soon.  If another employer files an H1B transfer what are the implications?  18:18:00
Is losing a job a valid reason to expidite t the GCEAD?  19:16:00
I have applied for EAD and AP renewal, I got my EAD for two years but my AP was only given for one year. I requested MR to expidite request, have you seen this trend? 20:16:00
Can a Master's degree obtained online be used to support an H1B petition?  21:16:00
Expidited EAD advanced parole 22:09:00
Can Margaritta switch work if we change employer before traveling to India? 22:46:00
Can we file the H4 EAD before 180 days of the expiration date? 23:09:00
If EAD and AO got approved, do we need to file J supplement if we switch the employer? 23:50:00
My wife is hesitant for both of us to move to the GCEAD are there risks of the 485 being denied? 24:12:00
Can a master's in physician assistant request EAD expidited? 25:18:00
Is automatic revalidation applicable for L2 people? 25:50:00
My spouse was using the H4 EAD and just moved to the AOS EAD will it impact her H4 if we travel to India for visa stamping? 26:02:00
Can I go to Mexico and get stamp for L2 visa renewal? 26:28:00
I got the EAD with AP but the I 140 is not approved yet, Can I travel to India using my AP and retain my H1B status? 27:19:00
I got a 221 G in my last dropbox in 2019 and has to appear for the interview and visa is approved. Am I eligible for dropbox? 28:17:00
Zane has an approved I-140 and EB-2 and a later downgraded I-140 and EB-3 that is also approved, if the EB-2 final action date becomes current first will NVC start processing in EB-2? 29:22:00
If I marry a U.S. citizen on H1B after starting EB2 console processing system can we still file I 130 485 based on the marriage with a US citizen? 30:00:00
On H1B visa that maxes out in 2023, PERM was filed in 2021 and planning trip to visit family in India this June is there a risk? 30:27:00
I got my I-140 downgrade EB3 EAD approved but if my EB2 gets current do I interfile or refile? 31:14:00
Does NBC send all cases to field offices? 31:52:00
Why is the PWD prevailling wage determination taking such a long time? 33:10:00
Getting I-131 approval of different person to my address, what should I do?  34:16:00
Do I need to file an H1B amendment for a client located in a different state if I work full-time remotely in another state? 35:20:00
My brother came to US in 2011 for 6 months in 2016 he came on a B2 visa. His H1B got approved should he go for stamping or travel? 36:03:00
Can we change jobs after interfiling without waiting for the 180 days with an approved EB2 and will that cause a 485 denial? 37:22:00
Any update on the DHS spending bill? 40:16:00
What are the timelines you are seeing for 485 approvals? 41:09:00
Has the DOL given any indication on if they are working on reducing the timelines for prevailing wages or perm? 42:05:00
Is EAD associated with category EB3 or EB2? 42:39:00
My initial H1B is expriing March 20th and my extension got approved with a new I-797 notice with an experation date of 2024 when will my I-94 update? 43:25:00
Is a new LCA required if we add residence as an additional location for H1B? 44:23:00
Have we seen any approvals from cases that were transferred from Texas service center to National service center? 45:00:00
Can I interfile after invoking the AC21? 45:54:00
Can my daughter use the EAD to wok on the college campus? 46:53:00
I'm an H4 EAD my company is filling H1B for the first time, can I ask them to file conccurently? 47:26:00
Does traveling for stamping and entering back with a new I-94 qualify for the 180-day automatic extension? 48:33:00
Do I need to go outside the country to get the stamping or can I switch from H4 to H1 within the U.S.? 49:40:00
Do you have to report all traffic citations on the 485 or is there a dollar limit on what to report? 50:30:00
Any trends if people are getting green card in EB2? 50:55:00
If we upgrade to premium processing for the H1B will it be indirectly applicable to the H4 and EAD if they are all filled together? 51:18:00
Can I work for multiple employersand have multiple W2s and EADs? 52:07:00
What is the timeline for NBC to get the EAD and AP after fingerprint? 52:27:00
Can someone on H1 work 100% remotely and be 50 miles away from the client location? 53:22:00
H1B priority date is October 2020 how long should we wait for 485 some say it takes 40 years? 53:54:00
My attorney insists that we need to ammend the EB2 I-140 due to a change in the company. Can this ammendment be filed directly in premium processing or do we wait for for the reciept and upgrade to premium? 54:46:00
Planning to go on EB3 advance parole H1 and H4 is pending from December of 2020 what are the options to switch back to immigration status back to non-immigrant status? 55:23:00
Is it a good idea still to get the I-140 approved in premium and then file the 485 to avoid the Texas service center?  56:00:00
Is family spillover fully used hence no date moment or if not used do you think what is the expected date to move this year? 56:53:00
How long does it take to get the green card after interfiling from EB3 to EB2? 58:28:00