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Travel on Advance Parole, Is My H-1B Still Active?

Video Transcript

My interview is scheduled. Priority date is current & then they postponed it? 15:27:00
I have a previous EB-2 I-140 & current employer filed the perm I-140 in EB-3 and wants to know should we file a new perm under EB-2 or can we submit the AOS including both I-140's. 15:57:00
I am on the 7th year of H-1B extension based on nonprofit NIW-I-140.Now his I-140 is denied. Can I continue to work under the 2023 expiration date? 16:46:00
My H-1B extension notice has NNM written for my middle even though I don't have a middle name is that going to cause any impact during visa stamping. 17:34:00
Do they have enough numbers to approval the EB-3 cases? 18:04:00
I got my EAD card but my long name was cut short in it. Will it cause a problem if I travel? 19:32:00
Priority date is January 2015. Is it good to file I-140 and I-485 together or is it better to get I-140 approved ? 20:13:00
My cousin has worked on an H-1B for six months back in 2008 and now wants to come back to the US will he fall under the cap exemption? and he doesn't have a copy of the H-1B. How does he get those documents? 21:04:00
Downgraded EB-2 to EB-3 in 2020. I-140 is approved interfiling February 7th. I-485 receipt transferred to the national benefit center on April 21st. Can I change the job? 21:56:00
Any approval's from Texas for the I-485 or are they just transferring to the national benefit center (NBC)? 23:06:00
Did the department of state of USCIS release the stats of approved GC in the second quarter? 23:52:00
I got a new role that has a minimum change in responsibilities and duties it's just a level up from the current role. Location is the same. Will I have to start the PERM process again? 25:14:00
I am working for a consulting company and working remotely. Changed Client's and still working remotely with the other client. Does this case require an amendment? 26:01:00
The I-1485 online case status says case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction. Previously it was at the Texas service center. What should I expect and when? Do I need to prepare and file the medical exam if its not done yet? 26:49:00
My priority date is current with March visa bulletin but my attorney through my employer is still working on preparing my case. What are my options to have my own attorney in this case? 27:50:00
Does the National Visa Center (NVC) start contacting the petitioner and applicant when the EB-2 filing dates are current or is it when the final action dates are current? 28:52:00
H4 EAD auto extended for 180 days. I have applied for the extension but its still in progress. 29:53:00
Can I continue to work on H-1 after applying for a change of status to H-4 and EAD? 32:03:00
What are the disadvantages of using the combo card while waiting for the green card? Currently on H-1B 32:55:00
Can you travel to Mexico on H-4 while the H-4 & EAD extensions are pending? I also filed AOS under EB-1 and that's still pending. Does this affect any of these application? 35:00:00
Questions about changing the lawyer's because they are delaying filing the I-485 applications. 36:16:00
I have done the biometrics during my concurrent filing with an amended I-140, 485 and 765. Now my new EB-2 I-140, 485, and 765. Will I be called to do the biometrics again? 39:01:00
Suggesting News that 10,000 cases have been moved from Texas service center. 39:26:00
Can we have two I-485s based on an EB-2 & EB-3 and after 180 days? Can we port both of them to a new employer based on AC21 by filing two I-485j's? 40:12:00
Our priority date is current May 2020 for EB-2. What are you observing about the filed cases being moved to the National Benefit Center? What could be expecting an approval soon? 40:52:00
Has there been any success on downgrading approvals for scheduled A workers in order to consider for EB-3 if those dates move forward? 42:29:00
Is is expected to have additional green cards in the 2023 fiscal year? 43:33:00
I traveled on AP. Can I automatically do the revalidation right now or can I do it later? My H-1B expires in 2024. 45:37:00
My wife's application was moved to the National Benefit Center while mine is stuck in Nebraska. Will that delay the adjudication? 45:57:00
My case has been transferred from TSE to NBC is that good news? 46:42:00
Do we typically see a lag in the I-485 approvals between the primary applicants and the dependents? 47:00:00
Does traveling on the H-4 for the I-94 extension affect the AOS I-130 application? 47:37:00
I got my GC-EAD but never applied for the AP can I now apply for the AP without informing my employer? 48:14:00
Do you still file the I-140 & I-485 together? Is that a good option? 48:41:00
My priority date is Jan 2010. I am applying for a GC from scratch through a new employer the prevailing wage took 6 months. The labor and perm is going to be filed in May. When can I expect my GC? 49:53:00
Does the H-1B promotion affect the AOS already filed? 50:33:00
Is there any impact for the perm or the I-140 if the prevailing wage is higher than the current salary? 51:33:00
I am on EB-3 October 2015. I joined another company & they started the Perm. 52:21:00
What's the trend with interview waivers these days? I have an EB-1 A. Based AOS pending since October 2021 biometric are done. Priority date is August 2017. 53:11:00
AOS is filed through EB-1 B I-140 priority date is November 2000 is it worth filing AOS again through husbands EB-2 his priority date is November 2013. 53:50:00
I achieved the job 180 days after interfiling will they deny my I-485 application? 54:43:00
I interfiled the EB-3 to EB-2 when the case was pending in California and then it was transferred from Texas to the National benefit center. Still received no I-485 J receipt for the interfile. How can I ensure the I-485 is considered under the EB-2 category? 55:04:00
My downgrade was filed as an amendment. Can I now file for a new I-140 under EB-2 without the original perm and then interfile? 56:32:00
Can we travel outside the country once we apply for the I-485 and it is still pending? Will it abandon my application? 57:09:00
The derivate I-1485 receipt notice has her priority date instead of the primary applicants priority date will it cause any issues? 57:59:00
What is a good time frame for filing mandamus for I-485? 2 years, 3 years, or 5 years? 58:20:00