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U.S. Not Expected to Lift Travel Ban For Now

Video Transcript

U.S. Not Expected to Lift Travel Ban For Now
Will There Be a Second H-1B Lottery Selection?
Next Year's H-1B Lottery in Limbo
Immigration Judges Forbidden from using the word "Alien"

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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam with Pending I-485
Perm Labor approval & I-140 Petition (if you do not have I-140 petition and labor approval you can obtain the same from this link please give your I-140 information and request for the I-140 Petition – note I-140 petition has your Perm Labor approval)
If you do not have a Birth Certificate –Please follow these links: Area Group that is trying to meet the Congress Women Zoe Lofgren
Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's letter to DHS on July 11th, 2007:

July 2007 Visa Bulletin:

July 2007 backtracking the visa bulletin (Updated on July 2nd, 2007 - July 1st 2007 was a Sunday)

August Visa Bulletin

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Questions regarding the priority date expectations? 15:03:00
In what order does USCIS process I-485 applications? Is it based on the received date on the receipt notice, the notice date, or the priority date? 22:16:00
What are your predictions for the priority date? 25:32:00
Questions about birth certificates. If the applicant or parents full name are not printed on the birth certificate or not printed exactly like it is on other documents? 30:40:00
Is there any premium processing for the EAD? 32:02:00
EADs connected to the I-485 applications and if the I-140 needs to be approved for the EAD to be issued? 32:16:00
Can I file the 485 when I-140 downgrade is still pending?  33:57:00
My priority date of EB2 is March should I wait or should I downgrade? 34:11:00
Filing the I-140 & I-485 concurrently? My PERM was recently approved, his priority date is current. 35:55:00
Questions about the H4 EAD lawsuits? 41:03:00
Questions about upgrading the I-140 to premium processing for someone who's priority date is mid 2014 & is it still recommended? 41:46:00
Questions about advanced parole, can I travel to India & come back or do I need to apply for NIV?  43:17:00
Does the dependent also have to submit the birth certificate? 45:53:00
When applying for the 485 do you need to have a minimum of 6 months of H-1b validity? 46:16:00
What are your expectations for the final action dates for the OCT visa bulletin?  47:57:00
If the PERM is filed today and my maxout date is expiring in August of 2022, is he expected to get the I-140 approved by that time?  48:34:00
Currently single & the priority date may be current soon, if they file the AOS application, how would they add their future spouse to the application when they do get married?  50:11:00
Is there any way we can litigate USCIS about wasting the Green Cards? 52:16:00
I am on a L2 visa right now and want to know if I can apply for the H-1B Visa stamp for the first time in a consulate in Mexico for example rather than in India his home country? 53:41:00
My wife is in India in advanced parole, can she travel to USA and stay two weeks in Mexico? 54:40:00