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Updates on Interfiling to Transfer the Underlying Basis from EB-3 to EB-2

Video Transcript

My petition has moved from Texas to NBC San Antonio, however I am in Boston, is there an issue and do they think it was pending along with the interfiling application, can it take longer time to approve? 16:19
Is it possible to convert from an L1-B to an L1-A? 17:36:00
I filed a downgrade application October 2020, and he upgraded in May 2020, in regards to the ac 2180 rule, is it 2020 or 2022? 18:41:00
I heard USCIS mention in an interview that applicants who filed until April 2022 are supposed to get all approved, what is your opinion? 20:21:00
My perm application was filed without the a number and class of admission, are these mandatory fields and will this cause an issue? 26:06:00
When we get a medical RFE, should the attorney respond to the RFE, or can it be responded by the applicant? 26:31:00
I applied for the 485 using the filing date chart for eb-3, and I'm interfiling eb-2 using the final action date, since the derivatives don't get a receipt notice for that, which date will be used to calculate the suspa age the 485 j or the kids 485? 27:40:00
Is the h4 only for spouse of h-1b holders, or can the kids above 21 have to go on h1? 28:38:00
My husband downgraded from eb-2 to eb-3 in November 2020, and got the i-140 approved and e80 card, he is still with the same company but switched his job from a quality engineer to a product manager, what can we do now? 30:20:00
Can I submit medicals along with an interfile petition? 31:36:00
Is the Nebraska service center is still adjudicating 485s, I applied for the 485 in January 2022, no updates other than fingerprinting, when can I expect any action on the case? 32:45:00
I received my green card on May 12th, 2022, my employer has a position closer to my home, can I transfer my location? 33:51:00
Is there any requirement that the 485 needs to be filed within one year of the priority date being current, will I be eligible for h-1 extensions, my new employer has not started the perm. 34:16:00
Can a refile case be considered a stand alone application? 36:03:00
For the h4ead, my spouse changed his employer, my h4 is stamped with the previous employer, do I need to apply with the old employer's 797 details or the recent one? 39:21:00
My priority date is November 2014 EB3, just wondering how much time it is going to take to adjudicate my case? 40:09:00
I have downgraded to eb3 in October 2020, applied for the eb3 in premium back on May 25th for that I-140 and it is still pending, should I wait for the I-140 approval before during the interfile back to the eb-2, or should I proceed with the interfile anyways? 41:05:00
Can a U.S. citizen apply for a fiancé visa if the person is already married? 42:29:00
How soon can a person change the worksite for the same employer after receiving the green card? 43:24:00
Can I refile the application after interfiling? 44:02:00
I refiled and my final action date is current, and both the eb-2 and eb-3 are at the national benefits center, can I expect my case to be adjudicated by this September? 44:43:00
I wrote letters to the senator, can I change employers after 180 days of the I-140 approval, and the 180 days are calendar days and not working days right? 45:55:00
Can a U.S. citizen sponsor for siblings who are h4 status who are Indian citizens, how long will it take for them to get a green card? 47:52:00
Can I go for stamping in Canada or Mexico, and if the visas are rejected, can I come back to the U.S. on the approved h1b copy? 48:42:00
If my spouse goes to India and comes back on h-4, can she used an unexpired ead? 49:53:00
I have the employment based 485, 765, 131 all pending since July 2021, and I need to travel out of the country for work, what are my options? 50:35:00
My green card is approved, but my category is ev3, but I am currently not ev3 but ev2. 51:54:00
If I move to a new employer does the I-140 need to be filed again? 54:01:00
My 485 has been filed with just the receipt notice, does it go straight to the NBC? 54:53:00
My h4 EAD got expired on February 8th, 2022, and have not applied for an extension yet, but I am valid I-94, if I submit the extension today, can I start working tomorrow or do I have to wait for approval? 55:30:00
If a spouse has an unexpired h4 EAD, but changed to h1b within the U.S. and then travels and comes back on h4 from India, can she use the unexpired EAD? 58:33:00
If I travel to the U.S. on advanced pro, will it disqualify my h1b which expires in 2024? 59:04:00