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Ur M. Jaddou, Director, USCIS – All Talk, No Action

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
Is anyone getting the reciept notice for the 485 J supplement interfile? 19:08:00
Can we trust the latest USCIS statement in partnering with the U.S. department of state? 19:40:00
Can I travel with an old EAD and AP wile the new EAD AP is in renewal?  21:44:00
My spouse is traveling to India due to a medical emergency she is on the final stage of her 485 to get the green card will there be any issue with her travel? 22:21:00
Can my family in India go for H4 stamping with my 797 approval before I go for stamping?  23:00:00
Filed an initial H4 EAD application back in August 2021 and her spouse moved to a different employer afterwards in January. The previous employer revoked that H1B, will that impact the H4 EAD approval? 23:27:00
My priority date is current but my company got acquired, the new company is saying the I-140 needs to be ammended. Can the I-140 be done in premium processing?  24:38:00
Does AILA do anything about backlong? 25:45:00
Is there any change in AOS EAD or AP processing immigration status for Ukraine nationals?  27:41:00
Priority date of EB3 2016 when it will be current should she try to do an upgrade to EB2? 28:19:00
Can an H4 visa holder who has an expired H4 stamp use automatic revalidation to return to the U.S. from Canada using the H1B spouse's approval notice? 30:57:00
Does H4 use the EAD and AP to travel impact the H1B primary H1 status? 31:50:00
For obtaining the affidavits, what is the best way to accomplish it? Do we reach out to a notary or are there specialized attorneys? 32:58:00
Do they really care about the letters we wrtie? 33:41:00
I got my EAD in advanced parole waiting for the green card. I am going for H1B stamping appointment are there any issues? 34:05:00
Is the H4 EAD considered cancelled if I filed the renewal on time with an H4 extensions, left the US while it was in process, and came back with a new I-94 after the EAD expired? 34:40:00
Overstay of 90 days on the F1 student visa, does it affect getting future student visa through the consulate? 35:43:00
If the initial downgrade petition is stuck in the Texas Service Center, can we send the interfiling to a different location other than Texas once the date is current on EB2? 36:58:00
Any updates on H4 kids age out? 37:51:00
My wife got her L2 approved and the approval notice says L2s as the class type, can she start working without an EAD? 39:03:00
Will there be any green card spill overs for the next year? 39:23:00
Within the same employer can I move and work in a different location than what is mentioned in my PERM and 485 J supplement? 40:12:00
Do I need to submit both the prior marriage certificate and divorce decrees and civil documents for the EB2 green card processing? 40:57:00
If we see our 485 cases outside of the normal processing time at a particular service center, can we request a case update status from USCIS? 41:12:00
Is it good to file 485 for the primary applicant first then include the dependent once the case is submitted? 41:49:00
Got EAD can I change employer while the EB2 interfilling is pending and the underlying EB3 I-140 is also pending?  42:25:00
For Refiling 485-j is it sufficient or should I submit I-765 I-131 as well? 43:31:00
Is there any update on the AP renewal request? 44:12:00
My daughter is currently a medical student considered as an international student can we expidite the I-485 for her towards advantage of GC based on the scenario ? 44:58:00
My wife recently entered the US using her GC EAD combo card which expires in November 2023 but the officer issued the I-94 validity only until January 2023, how do we correct this? 45:58:00
Do I need to keep old immigration documents after getting green card? 46:40:00
Do you see any reciept for pending EB1 C I-140 in the Texas Service Center? 47:08:00
Processing time for PERM and I-1495 will it come down because of the recent re budget? 47:40:00
Can I put my application for the H1B lottery in for two different employers and what are the consequences? 49:18:00
I've downgraded my GC last year, my date is May 2014 but the EB2 is moving forward should I upgrade to EB2? 50:08:00
I'm working on H4EAD and applied for H1 this year, if it is approved with a change of status would I be able to work without any travel for visa stamping? 51:15:00
My 485 has been transferred from Texas Service Center to National Service Center, do I interfile? 51:47:00
Does one need to have a valid I-94 while bieng on the 485 AOS? 52:33:00
I am filling my H1B extension my H1B expires in September, can I use the margarita rule to extend the H4 before September by traveling to Mexico? 53:08:00
If we apply for an EAD for my son now will that application go to the same service center that the primary apllication's EAD was sent? 53:43:00
Any guess on how many visas will be wasted this year? 54:22:00