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USCIS Wasting Employment-Based Green Cards: How to Prevent

Video Transcript

USCIS Wasting Employment-Based Green Cards: How to Prevent
Dates are expected to be current: What Should I do?
What is Cross Country Chargeability?

We recommend that you write a letter to your Congressmen – Please find draft at this link:

Questions for thee Department of State – Please find draft at this link:

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How to Interfile Your Medical Exam Packet with Pending I-485
Perm Labor approval & I-140 Petition (if you do not have I-140 petition and labor approval you can obtain the same from this link please give your I-140 information and request for the I-140 Petition – note I-140 petition has your Perm Labor approval)
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Submitted the medicals & the priority date is going to become current in July. USCIS case status now says name updated, what does that mean? 19:40
My company refuses to downgrade can I do it by myself? 20:56
For the applications filed for the I-140 downgrade for the regular processing, have we seen any of the I-140's approved? 21:16
What does it mean if I am missing the boat? I have a 2017 priority date & I might be changing the job, can't I just downgrade a year later when the date is still current? 22:04
Can the president help in preventing the waste of the green cards?  23:20
Can we expect a second round of H-1B lottery for this year? 26:42:00
Is changing jobs while on H-1B & still has an H4 & H4 EAD pending from the extension he filed with his previous employer. Should I file a new H4 & H4 EAD when I file the extension with the new employer? 27:40:00
Asking about the speeding tickets? 28:48:00
Filed a downgrade from EB2 to EB3 back in October 2020 & the current processing times shows that they are processing cases filed October 26 2020, which is after he filed. My I-140 is still not approved, should I wait, premium processing, or do a service request? 29:43:00
Does F2 to H-1B need consular processing? 31:06:00
I have a marriage affidavit from India but no marriage certificate, what should I do?  31:21:00
What is the implication if my priority date becomes current this October & my dependents H4 extension is still pending and the I-94 has expired? How to file the 485 in that scenario?  31:47:00
Can we file the 485 with the previous employer? 33:17:00
That 210k 485 application received, is that the primary applicant or does that include dependents as well? 34:20:00
Has on old EB2 I-140 with an April 2017 priority date, current employer is planning on filing an EB3 & already got the prevailing wage. Do you think EB3 is good or should we stick with EB2? 34:35:00
What do you mean, am I not going to get the green card if I don't get it by September 2021?  35:34:00
With no biometric required is it now possible to file the H1, H4, & H4 EAD extension all together in premium processing? 36:59:00
What happens if I file the 485 & the dates retrogress? 37:42:00
How does USCIS handle two I-485 applications, one in EB5 & one in EB2? 39:39:00
His priority date is 2009, RFE responded on June 15th, when should I expect a response from USCIS? 40:07:00
Can I file the medicals myself or should I go through the lawyer?  40:30:00
My priority date is August 2017, what is the likelihood that the date may become current in October 2021?  41:03:00
Please clear up the confusion, does AC-21 kick in after 180 days of the 485 being pending or 180 days of the downgrade I-140 being approved or both? What s the impact if the previous employer withdraws the I-140 less than 180 days? 42:22:00
If the 485 has been pending for 15 months can I travel outside of the US & come back?  43:41:00
My H-1B has been approved & I have the I797 but my wife's I-539 has yet to be approved. The DMV is refusing to renew her drivers license for the lack of paperwork, what to do?  44:22:00
When is the last time congress really helped? 45:00:00
Downgraded to EB3 & it is still processing. Does my EAD depend on this EB3 downgrade approval? 47:37:00
When will the announce next years filing date? 48:12:00
Why is the EB2 filing date lagging whereas the EB3 is advancing faster?  48:48:00
If the previous company has filed a 485 application, do I have to be working for that company? 49:28:00
Questions regarding the birth certificate? 50:01:00
I am working full time for company A & wants to know if he can file for a concurrent H-1B & work part time, does this affect my green card approval? 50:37:00
My priority date is Jan 2012 EB2, should I downgrade right now?  51:29:00
What is the rejection rate for H-1B extensions now?  52:08:00
What happened when someone switches during the PERM processing? 52:57:00
Has an EB1 & has the EAD/AP. His current H-1B is expiring in August, do you recommend to continue & extend the H-1B?  53:30:00
His ex employer has withdrawn the I-140. He left the company & now his priority date is current. Can he join back & file the I-140 again, does he have to file the PERM? 54:10:00
Can we file a lawsuit to stop USCIS from wasting the green cards or save the spillage we have this year? 55:53:00