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Working for Two Employers – Mechanics for H-1B, AOS EAD & H-4 EAD

Video Transcript

Questions Time Stamp
I wrote letter the senators & congressmen , can L1B apply for EB1c if the criteria are met ? 14:03:00
My I-485 has been pending at NBC since Jan, 2022, what options do I have to move my case since they will not allow us to submit service request? 14:55:00
I wrote a letter to congressman for margarita visa, that margarita switch of automatic revalidation to get the H-4 and I-84 extension, do we need a visit visa to go to Mexico? 16:06:00
Some October 2020 applicants for EAD still have not been processed yet, what are ways in which we can force USCIS to process them? 17:00
When would the second quarter statistics be released by the USCIS as it relates to the I-485? 17:41:00
Can I still use my priority date from 2012 since its already been current since last December? is it available after one year of priority date becoming current? 18:10:00
Can a H-4 order work before October 2022 , h1b reseller depicted and approved , with a start date of October 1st 2022. 19:15:00
I downgraded to EB-3 in October 2020, and that I-140 is still pending, my EB-2 is approved and I'm planning to enter file in June, Will the [ending EB-3, I-140 create a problem , my employer is not ready to do a premium processing? 19:41:00
I wrote a letter to North Korea senator , I traveled an advance role, but when I got back the I-94 was only given for one year, what happens after one year if AOS is still pending? 20:35:00
Can a H-4EAD person work for one Full time and One contractor job or Vice-versa, will it have any impact on the working hours per day or are there any restrictions for the H-4? 21:20:00
I have applied to I-40 in Jan 2021, but case is still pending, how long will it take for the I-140 process in Texas? 21:50:00
Can i apply for a 485 with old employer and not work for them ? 22:55:00
The downgrade to EB-3 was filed in Oct. 2020, I received an RFE on my I-40 to submit original labor certification, my attorney thinks my chances for approval are now low, what is the strategy to answer this request? 23:08:00
can a H5 child do a masters with H-4 status? 24:08:00
I received a RFE for derivative applicant asking to enter file, is this normal? 24:34:00
As a doctor of Physical Therapy working for same employer, does it qualify under EB-2? 25:32:00
i filed the AOS with the 485-J with my previous employer, a RFE was sent to me from field office asking for employers letter confirming job offer, do i need to send the 485-J again ? 27:34:00
I recently upgraded from EB-3 to 485-J and was approved, Foreign status says There are not enough Visas Available , priority date is March 2013. 29:49:00
Can I file the EB-2485 when I'm on AOS on EB-3485?, I have 2 i-140 approvals and the EAD and AP on the Eb3-485. 30:22:00
My case has been transferred to NBC from Texas, how long will it take to get the GC? 31:08:00
My wife H-4 has been pending for more than 13 months at the Vermont service center, H4 has already expired, we filed 2 service request and are still waiting, we also called USCIS, any recommendations? 32:00:00
I filed the 485 in April 2022, i have al receipts and the biometric appointment, does it mean my case is documentarily good? 33.14
I have refiled instead of enter file, both apps are in national benefit center, do you suggest I withdraw the EB3 app that has been transferred to NBC? 33:54:00
which DOL center is better for filing the PERM labor Certification to avoid long waiting time? 34:43:00
I'm applying for H4 can i still work on H1B until i get confirmation of H4, and can i reduce my hours while h4 is pending? 35:21:00
can we schedule an h1B visa interview in a different country? 36:02:00
H1b was approved as a Vice president Technical, going for stamping, no direct or project work with employer clients, any suggestion? 36:43:00
The EB-2 to EB-3 downgrade was filed as an attachment because the company got acquired , can we do a successor of interest as a new I-140 under EB-2 and then enter file ? 37:31:00
I submitted a 485 based on the EBC I0140 receipt notice, while pending the NBC have completed my fingerprinting, when can I expect my EAD? 38:28:00
I filed the EP-1C , I-140 along with the 485 and 131 in April 2022, its in Texas service center . L1A is expiring in December , Can I hope to get my advanced parole before or should I file for the L1 extension? 38:46:00
I have the PERM labor Certification approved for EB@ in 2019 but due to mistake by attorney my EB2 I-140 was rejected, and EB3 was approved , I would like to resubmit the I-140 for EB-2 , is it possible? 39:58:00
Does the 4 year supplement have to be filed only for primary applicant, what about the spouse? 40:59:00
How long should I stay with my current employer after the )140 approval and what happens if i switch early? 41:24:00
Green card was going to be returned to USA, but I think I was sable to pick it up from USPS before they send it back now I have card, and the USCIS thinks that the card is invalid and will be destroyed if do not update my address , how can I correct this? 42:27:00
If a case is outside of the processing timeline what options are there apart from congressman's office, ombudsman's office and service request? 43:11:00
Do we know the pending for it for application by the country-wise? 44:11:00
once RFA has been responded how long does it take for the I-140 to be adjudicated? 44:59:00
My attorney didn't submit my medicals with my 485 , I did not receive any RFE and was wondering if there is a way to submit the medicals? 45:12:00
I sent my I-130 for B2 Visitors, for my parents does the I-130 harm in any way? 46:21:00
The primary 485 is approved, derivative is still pending what would be the status of derivative when primary is no longer maintain the noon-immigrant visa, what action can we take? 47:17:00
I will be doing intro filing from EB3 to EB2 prior date is August 2014, what are chances of getting the green card? 50:10:00
Can I Travel to Canada by land and use automatic revalidation? 51:07:00
I got my green card approved and then 485J got approved after 2 months of green card approval, should I take any action when working for both original and new employer? 51:31:00
my 485 was transferred to the New, Mexico field office even though I am in TX, is this normal? 52:30:00
The priority date is Nov.2015, do you recommend changing the job right now? 53:12:00
Can I use the GCEAD to work for 2 companies? 53:36:00
Does all cases move to field offices for adjudications? 54:34:00
I relocated the my home residence to a location is the MSA that's on the LCA, do I need to file an amendment to work from home for a new client after relocating to MSA? 55:04:00
I got my green card approved , I was then trying to come back and advanced role and the 2nd level officer said no, he offered to take the I551 stamp and passport? 55:53:00
Are we allowed to file the H$ EID renewal based on an I-140 approval by the old employer when the new employer has not filed the PERM yet? 56:54:00
Locked EB3, there speaking about jail service protective act , but now child is above 21 can interfering EB2 act as his date is current is the child protected for CSPA? 57:24:00