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Correcting Errors on your I-94

After entering the country from traveling abroad, you go to access your electronic I-94 online at the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) website. As you stare at the screen, you realize your I-94 has an error on it, or are completely unable to pull up your I-94 at all.

In previous years, the only way to have an error on your I-94 corrected was to go to your local Deferred Inspection Office. Now, a number of CBP Deferred Inspection sites offer an online service where you can simply send them an email to make corrections on your I-94. CBP’s Deferred Inspections Sites list includes email addresses for I-94 correction requests at certain Inspection offices. Below is the list of documents and information necessary to email to CBP when requesting a correction:

  1. Copy of the biographical page of your passport that was presented at the moment of arrival (both old and new passports, if applicable);
  2. Copy of the United States Visa, if applicable;
  3. Copy of the Admission stamp in your passport;
  4. Boarding pass or flight information;
  5. Address and telephone number in the United States
  6. If the correction is requested by anyone other than passenger, submission of Form DHS-590, Authorization to Release Information to Another Person is required.

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By: Rahul Reddy


Rahul is the founding partner of Reddy Neumann Brown PC His practice covers employment-based immigration, in which he represents corporate clients in far-ranging industries.