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  • I have a green card. Can I visit my home country and come back?
    Yes, you can visit. However, if you are visiting, or a national of: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, you should speak with an immigration attorney before you make any travel plans.
  • I have an H-1B visa stamp in my passport valid until June 1, 2018; can I travel to the USA?
    Yes, you can; unless you are a National of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen.
  • I have an Advanced Parole valid until June 1, 2018. Can I travel now?
    Hold off on any travel plans until things are clear from the Trump Administration. Based on the Executive Order, they were attempting to just inquire into the Parole issue. The Executive Order directed the Department of Homeland Security to make inquiries about how the Paroles are issued. According to the Executive Order, Paroles may only be issued for humanitarian purposes. We have yet to determine if that applies to Advanced Paroles. Until things are clear, do not make any travel plans. If you are outside of the country, please immediately return to the USA.
  • I am going for H-1B stamping to India since I am eligible for Drop Box visa stamping. Can I go for stamping, and drop my passport and visa papers in the Drop Box?
    Drop Box, or visas without an interview, has been suspended until further notice. Therefore, the service is unavailable.
  • I have an H-1B valid until June 1, 2018. However, my passport visa stamping has expired as of June 1, 2016. Can go on a cruise to Mexico?
    Although there is no clear indication in the Executive Order, as a precaution you should not make these travel plans until there is further clarification from the Trump Administration.
  • I am a US citizen. Can I travel now?
    Yes, you can travel, unless you are dual national with Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
  • I am on DACA Advanced parole. Can I travel now?
    No. Do not travel until we get further information.
  • We were told that there is an Injunction Order issued by the Court on the Executive Order. Is that true?
    The Injunction applies only to certain aspects of the Executive Order, not to all of it.
  • I was told that H-4EAD will be eliminated. If this happens, does that mean working on a current H-4EAD will be illegal?
    At this point in time, this is only a rumor. Should any further information come up on this, we will inform you.
  • I was told that the minimum salary for H-1B is $135K. Did that become law already?
    At this point in time, this is only a rumor. There is currently a Bill addressing this issue, though the possibility of that passing through Congress is very slim.
  • I was told that STEM Extension has been eliminated. Is this true?
    This is a rumor. There is absolutely no truth to this.