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Reddy Neumann Brown PC has Filed a Lawsuit Against USCIS for Short H-1B Approvals

Reddy Neumann Brown PC continues to fight for fair USCIS adjudications.

Today we have sued the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service for unlawfully issuing short H-1B approvals thereby partially denying the H-1B requests. With these short approvals, USCIS significantly increases the costs to companies by requiring them to continuously file extensions for their consulting industry. Our lawsuit is based on two legal matters. First, in partially denying these H-1B cases by not granting the full duration requested, USCIS is required under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) to provide a written decision as to why they have partially denied the request. USCIS has not nor have they ever complied with this legal requirement. Second, we argue that USCIS has no legal authority to issue approvals for anything less than the requested validity period. Essentially, we argue that USCIS has no authority to issue short H-1B approvals.

Through this lawsuit, we seek to ensure USCIS does not exceed their authority and that USCIS does not violate the APA. A detailed article addressing the legal stance of this lawsuit can be found here: and

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are represented by the Reddy Neumann Brown PC Litigation Team consisting of Steven A. Brown, and Reddy Neumann Brown PC’s Counsel for Litigation Jonathan D. Wasden.