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Fight Back Against Trump Administration H-1B Travel Ban

  On June 22, 2020, President Trump announced Presidential Proclamation 10052 (“PP 10052”) which was designed to prevent the certain nonimmigrant visa holders from entering the United States (H-1B, H-2B, L-1, and J visa holders). More information about the proclamation can be found here:

            Since PP 10052, many lawyers have developed plans on how to sue to try to prevent the horrible impacts that PP 10052 will have on individuals, families, and American businesses. Reddy Neumann Brown PC ‘s colleagues at Wasden Banias have filed an initial lawsuit, Panda v. Wolf, specifically on behalf of 174 individuals who are impacted by this ban. This lawsuit, filed the week of July 27, 2020, tactically argues the unlawfulness of PP 10052 as applied to the individuals in the lawsuit given the specific facts they present.          

            In an effort to continue to fight for those impacted by this ban, Reddy Neumann Brown PC is working with Wasden Banias to file another lawsuit similar to Panda v. WolfWe are planning on filing this second lawsuit by the end of this month. At this moment, the lawsuit is limited to specific facts. Specifically, you must be an Indian national, have an approved H-1B that is currently valid or an H-4 spouse or child of an H-1B, you must have filed a DS-160, you have not received a visa, and you or a family member remain outside of the US. This would include those who have received 221(g). Please note, the lawsuit seeks to get the Department of State to make a decision on your application, we cannot compel a certain type of decision. However, if you have applied and there are no underlying reasons that would lead to a denial of a visa, litigation would not cause a denial of a visa.

            If these specific facts apply to you and you are interested in joining this lawsuit which we plan on filing soon, please email immediately for more information.