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Beware of Scam Email Targeting Indian Immigrants

There have been several reports of a recent scam targeting those in the U.S. with a nonimmigrant visa, primarily individuals from India. These individuals are receiving an email as follows:

The email claims that a warrant has been issued for a background check because the individual failed to update their AR-11 (Alien’s Change of Address Card). The email is also asking individuals to register for a background check by calling a toll free number.

If you receive this email, please do NOT respond and do NOT call the toll free line. This email is NOT a legitimate email from the government. As you can see, the email is coming from Any official emails from the government will end in “.gov”.

By: Rahul Reddy

Rahul is the founding partner of Reddy Neumann Brown PC His practice covers employment-based immigration, in which he represents corporate clients in far-ranging industries.