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Senate Parliamentarian has Rejected INA Registry Update through Reconciliation

Democrats in Congress proposed their “Plan B” for immigration reform through budget reconciliation and sought clearance from the Senate Parliamentarian. Plan B was to update the INA Registry date, which has been set at January 1, 1972 since it was last advanced in 1986. Multiple reports indicated that the proposal was to update the Registry date to 2010.

Unfortunately, multiple reports have come out this afternoon that this proposal has been rejected by the Senate Parliamentarian as not appropriate to include in a budget reconciliation. Reports indicate that part of the Parliamentarian’s reasoning is that the update to the registry is an amendment to the INA and is not free standing to the various government benefit programs, and that it would include people who are not currently eligible to adjust status under the law.

Democrats have noted they are working on Plan C and Plan D, but those plans have not been made clear.

The INA allows for individuals who have been present in the United States since January 1, 1972 to apply for a green card, even if they are currently unlawfully present in the United States. In order to be eligible for a green card through registry one must: 1) entered the United States prior to January 1, 1972; 2) resided in the United States continuously since the last entry; 3) be a person of good moral character; 4) be ineligible for naturalization; and 5) not removable or inadmissible under various extreme offenses of the INA such as engaging in terrorism, affiliation with the Nazi party, participation in genocide or acts of torture, or have violated narcotics laws or been an alien smuggler.

 As always, we highly recommend you take action and contact your congressperson or senator in order to advocate for fair immigration reforms: