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US to Reopen Land Borders to Vaccinated Travelers from Canada and Mexico Starting in November

Since March of 2020, the United States has prevented non-essential travel across the land and ferry borders from Canada and Mexico in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 via Title 19 regulations. Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that this will change and non-essential travel will be allowed starting in November 2021.

                There will be a two phased approach to the amending of the Title 19 regulations. First, starting in November, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) will allow fully vaccinated travelers from Canada and Mexico to enter the US through land and ferry ports of entry for non-essential travel. You must present paperwork that shows you have been fully vaccinated. A CDC spokesperson has already announced the list of vaccines that will be acceptable for international travel. If you are not fully vaccinated you will not be allowed entry for non-essential purposes.

                The second phase is set to begin January 2022 and will require travelers crossing land or ferry ports of entry to show proof of fully vaccination whether they are travelling for non-essential or essential travel. Essential travel will include, but is not limited to, truckers, students, and healthcare workers.

                In the announcement Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that this is in line with the new international air travel system that is expected to be implemented in November, however, no further guidance has been provided on that.

The full announcement can be found here: