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What You Can Do Now in Preparation for Filing Form I-485 Adjustment of Status

As you may be aware, USCIS has announced that there are an exceptionally high number of employment-based visas available this year (October 2021 to September 2022). They have indicated that there are more visa numbers available under the second preference category. As the Filing Dates continue to move up each month Reddy Neumann Brown PC  going to conduct zoom calls every week two times until July 2022.

Every Tuesday & Friday 2PM CST to 3 PM CST
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 If you would like to get a head start on gathering documentation that will need to be submitted in our Portal, we will need the following documents from each family member (e.g. principal applicant, and spouse):

1.       Copy of your I-140 approval notice;
2.       Copy of all I-797 approval notices;
3.       Copy of the Birth Certificate and translation, if applicable;
4.       Copy of your Marriage Certificate, if applicable;
5.       Copy of Divorce Decree for previous marriage, if applicable;                                                                                 
6.       Copy of your I-94 
          a. You can obtain at :
7.       Copy of passport (both current and prior passports);
          a. Provide biographic page and all stamped pages only
a.       Provide biographic page and all stamped pages only
8.       Copy of all I-20’s (e.g. OPT), if applicable;
9.       Copy of current and prior EAD card, if applicable; and
10.    Six Passport size photographs. (please do not get them now)

You will also be required to submit a Medical Exam to USCIS. You can obtain it from any authorized Physician-please see the link below:  (PLEASE DO NOT OBTAIN MEDICALS UNTIL YOUR DATES ARE CURRENT)

 If you do not have a Birth Certificate you will need two notarized affidavits. Please refer to the link below: